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IS THIS REALLY IT FOR MONEY MAY? IS ANDRE BERTO REALLY HIS CURTAIN CALL? REMEMBER WHEN ANDRE BERTO WAS RELEVANT…. Most observers of Boxing (including myself) don’t buy the hype that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is done after this Andre Berto fight for one second, 49-0 sounds good, BUT the allure of breaking the 49-0 mark set by Rocky Marciano and MORE IMPORTANTLY putting himself in line for a HUGE payday for a potential record breaking 50-0 comeback fight appeals even more for a shrewd businessman like Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.  So why fight Andre Berto, is the question that many fight fans have, there were MUCH better, MUCH tougher opposition practically begging to fight Floyd?  Simple answer….Full Story

Grizz2BIGGEST X-Factor For The 2015-16′ Memphis Grizzlies Is ?…… 

The re-signing of Marc Gasol means the window of opportunity is still wide open for a team that was considered by many to be legit championship contenders for much of last season.  Being that this is a veteran-laden team with minimal changes to the roster, the questions now become, how can this battle tested Grizzlies team get over the hump, and who is the potential x-factor that will help the Grizzlies finally make it out of the wild wild west?  I have one in mind, but I can assure you it’s not who you’d think….Read More

Junior Galette

Karma KO: Junior Galette Lost For the Season With Ruptured Achilles

No matter who the opponent, it never ceases to amaze me how “Father Time” and Karma always seem to come out victorious.  Well, go ahead and notch another knockout victory for Karma as the Washington Redskins lose OLB Junior Galette for the season to a….Continue Reading

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